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We solve the sales teams' issues


your sales performance

We will notify you via SMS as soon as the Customer opens the proposal. Use the best moment to get in touch with them, discuss the main aspects, resolve their doubts and help them with making a decision.


your Customers

Find out who opens your proposal, which of its elements intrigued them the most and how much time they spent on a particular page. Analyze this information to work more efficiently.


your sales team efficiency

Make the right decisions at the right time. Thanks to detailed statistics and automated reports, you can easily analyze and understand the activities of your sales team.

Understand your Customers' needs and improve your sales process with Sellizer.

Increase the chances of successful sales even 9x more!

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Understand your Customers' needs with a simple to use sales monitoring tool. With Sellizer you will get to know your customers better and enhance the sales process understanding.

How does Sellizer work?

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    Send personalized proposals

    No more complicated implementations! You need only 30 seconds to send your proposal. With Sellizer you will smoothly attach all the important files, and your Customer will easily familiarise with them even on his smartphone. Quickly, safely and without fear that your message will end up in the SPAM folder.

    You can easily direct all the sent proposals to your CRM.

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    Stay up to date with SMS notifications

    You will know who read your proposal. Don't waste time on unnecessary questions. Get in touch with people who are currently viewing your proposal and help them make a decision. This will increase your selling chances even 9x more.

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    Analyze sent proposals

    Sellizer provides you with essential data that will help to improve the proposals' effectiveness. Use it to increase selling chances. Create better proposals and get more Customers.

They write about us:

Our Clients testimonials

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Sellizer made it possible for us to increase the pace of Customer acquisition by 300% last year thanks to additional knowledge of how Customers perceive our offer. I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to be more efficient in such a fast-changing business environment and new technologies!

Maciej Zagórowski

CEO Fabryka e-biznesu

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Thanks to Sellizer, I know which pages of my offers are of most interest to my Customers - it gives me a great basis to start a valuable conversation. I can also speak to the Client at a key moment - when he has my proposal before his eyes. Such a combination made it much easier for me to sell projects.

Damian Rams

Digital Analytics Consultant, DamianRams.pl

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We like clever solutions. Just like in Sellizer, we believe that the time of contact with the Customer really makes a difference, so we decided to integrate our tools. Thus, the Sellizer user gets an SMS message about the opening of the offer and statistics, and his customers can ask for contact via Callpage widget. Awesome!

Sergey Butko

CMO & Co-Founder Callpage

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The use of Sellizer has improved our communication, both within the company and outside the company. In our internal communications, we use the Sellizer to send important documents to ensure that they have not been overlooked in the jungle of other messages. Moreover, thanks to the use of the tool in communication with potential partners, we can see at what stage of our relationship is.

Tomasz Świeboda

Managing Partner Inovo.vc

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LinkedIn is the most important channel for communicating with Customers. Sellizer allows me to quickly and conveniently send presentations and offers, and most importantly lows me to react quickly to their opening, analyze interest in them, and consequently conduct valuable business conversations from the perspective of the Customer. I recommend.

Marcin Małaszuk

Ulam Labs

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Sellizer helps us respond to any questions from our Customers at the right time. Thanks to it, we give added value already at the sales stage, which allows you to build a relationship with the Customer. This is very valuable to us.

Łukasz Białonoga

CEO LIKE.agency

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Although Sellizer can at first glance be seen as a tool only for sending offers, I can certainly confirm that it also works when sending sales folders, contracts and other documents. Thanks to this, we have a real view of what is valuable to the Customer in a given document (on which the most spent time), and what needs to be further improved or improved.

Michał Boniecki

COO JetSim & JetZone24

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Sellizer enables a thorough analysis of the Customer in terms of interest in our offer, which dimits to save time in the further sales process. When receiving information on how long the Customer has analyzed the individual pages of the prepared offer, I can predict whether the sales process will continue or whether our offer is simply a market recognition for statistical purposes of the potential Customer.

Bartosz Makles

CEO DiSC Polska

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Sellizer has become an inseparable tool for us in communication on several levels. As an intermediary in the logistics industry, we come into contact with both operators and their Customers. Sellizer allows us to work with both the first (reporting) and the second (bidding) Partners. Thanks to the systematization and transparency of the activities in Sellizen, we have been able to significantly increase the rate of acquired Customers.

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Until now, our knowledge has ended at the stage of sending the offer - and thanks to Sellizer - it is at this point that the acquisition of the greatest amount of knowledge about the Client begins, which allows the marketing department to understand better the needs and match the offer materials to the Customers, and traders to contact the Customer always at the right time. Thanks to the opportunities that Sellizer gives us, we can increase our chances every day in a game called sales.

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Very often we wondered why, despite sending a large number of offers, many of them still remained unanswered. Thanks to Sellizer, we have structured the sales process, organized the issue of sending offers and gained awareness of their quality. Now we can easily monitor which elements are of value to our Customers and continuously improve them. I am pleased that with Sellizer we make better use of our time as well as the potential of our Customers.

Grzegorz Jaskot


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We sincerely recommend Sellizer. It helps our traders to work daily and prioritize Customers. That's not all. At the department level, it gives you the opportunity to improve the entire sales process based on easily measurable criteria.


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Don't waste your time on Customers who don't open your proposals.


Scale the sales and focus on Customers who really are interested in your proposal.


Work smarter. Send files and be sure that your Customer opened the proposal.

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