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We give you support within the sales process. We provide you with information that will help you understand your Customers better and thereby sell more.
Notification about proposal opening

We send you an immediate, real-time SMS notification when your Customer opens the proposal. Don’t miss the best time to get in touch with them - grab a phone and talk about the proposal they are currently reading.

offer analyst
Advanced proposals analytics

Find out what happens with proposals you send:

  • how long the Customer was reviewing your proposal,
  • which of proposal’s elements intrigued them the most and how much time they spent on a particular page,
  • was the proposal printed and forwarded.
current statistics
Current statistics

With instant access to current statistics, it's easy for you to check how many proposals you sent, how many have been scheduled, and how many were opened by the recipients. Analyze the statistics and be sure that you take the right actions at the right time.

Advanced Algorithms

We use advanced algorithms that measure recipients' activity in detail. As a result, you know when they changed the browser tab and closed your proposal.

Send your proposals directly from Sellizer. Fast and without fear, that they will end up in the SPAM folder.
send many files
Send multiple files

You will easily send a proposal which consists of even 10 files! Your Customer will comfortably review the proposal opened in his browser.

Send proposals automatically

Do you send your proposals via email? Try out our mailing system. With automatic emails sending, your proposal can reach even several hundred Customers in just 30 seconds - all with just one click.

Enter your email address, add a proposal and the recipient's email address, and wait for the proposal to be opened.

generating link
Link generation

With Sellizer you can easily generate the proposal's link and send it to your Customer (via Facebook or SMS). Send the link, monitor and get in touch with your customer at the right time.

mass email
Mass email sending

Sending your proposals to multiple recipients? It's easier with Sellizer. Import the list of recipients in the CSV file and send proposals directly from our tool. You can forget about the arduous mailing process and complicated systems.

Scheduled sending

Upload your proposals and schedule their sending. We will take care of the rest and you will smile when you receive a notification when Customers open your proposals.

Take care of every detail of your proposals.
own logo
Your logo

We confide in people we know. Upload your company logo and personalize your proposals.

own message footer
Personal email footer

We understand the importance of a personalized proposal and easy contact with the sender. With Sellizer everyone can send their proposals with a custom email footer.

own domain
Custom domain/subdomain

You can easily add a custom subdomain or redirect the proposal site to your own domain.

Support your team by providing them with helpful data, so that they will close deals faster.
team management
Team management

Add all team members and send offers from Sellizer together. This gives you access to extensive statistics and reports and makes it easier for your team to achieve their sales targets.

statistics and forecasts
Statistics and forecasts

Keep up to date with your sales team’s work - who is the leader and who needs some help. With access to detailed statistics, you will easily verify the progress and assess the chances of meeting your targets.

automated reports
Automated reports

Receive reports that will help you with a better understanding of your Customers and also help you quickly react to challenges, that sales reps have to face. We send reports in cycles: daily, weekly and monthly.

We have prepared a set of ready-made solutions, thanks to which you can easily integrate with any sales support tool you use.
Pipedrive Integration

Keep things under control. Download the plugin and enjoy using Sellizer directly in Pipedrive.

CRM integration

Send proposals to any CRM. All you have to do is fill in the BCC field before sending the first proposal - it will store your communication with Customers in one place. If your CRM is missing, write to us.

Mailbox integration

Integrate your email with Sellizer to send proposals directly from your email address. Avoid spam and keep everything in one place.

Use automated integration for Gmail accounts or connect via SMTP.

soon integration
More integrations coming soon

We want to make Sellizer a complementary solution and support in your daily activities, so we're working on further integrations. If you have any suggestion for an integration, contact with us.

We care for the safety of each file uploaded to Sellizer.
GDPR compatible

We know how important safety and compliance with current regulations are. In Sellizer we guarantee, that we meet even the most restrictive rules with regard to the protection and processing of the personal data.


Store all the proposals you sent in one place - safely and with no risk of being lost.

When you decide to work with us, you are assured that the guarantee of users’ safety is our priority. If you need the NDA, write to us.