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CRM Integration

We all have our own work pace. We respect your decisions, and we give you an amazing tool to monitor proposals. You can also adjust Sellizer to your individual needs.

Download the plugin and connect Sellizer to Pipedrive or Livespace CRM!


You don't use any CRM?
No problem!

Try Sellizer, increase sales and save time.


Are you currently using a CRM and
you are ready for a new solution?

Sign up and send your proposals with Sellizer. This will not affect the functioning of your CRM.


You use CRM, and you don't
want to split the process into two tools?

No problem! You can integrate Sellizer with any CRM system. We will do our job, and you will keep using your CRM.

How does it work?

  • Step 1

    Proposals sending

    You can find Sellizer's mode which contains proposals' list of a particular company, contact or the sales chances in the tabs 'Contact Us' and 'The chances of sales'. Furthermore, Sellizer allows you to send proposals from any CRM. After you send your proposal (or save it as a draft), the proposals' list is automatically updated.

  • statistics
    Step 2


    You will be notified via SMS as soon as the customer opens the proposal and its status will change to 'open'. With one click, you can go to the statistics and get to know what customers browse, for how long and which pages interested them the most. You will also find out if they printed and forwarded your proposal.

  • Step 3


    To summarize: each proposal sent to the customers, (individuals or companies), is stored in one CRM place. You have a possibility to quickly and easily preview the latest activities. In addition, you will find out if your customer opened the proposal and got familiarized with it. Use this information to effectively plan your trail and meet the targets.


Install the plugin and connect Sellizer to Pipedrive or Livespace CRM

For your convenience, we have prepared a plugin that enables easy integration with both Pipedrive and Livespace CRM. Choose the browser you use and download our plugin.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact us.